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Our specialized rehabilitation restores lives and lost abilities after a surgery, illness or injury. Our approach involves treating the entire patient - physically, emotionally, and socially. In rehabilitation, the goal is to return patients to their optimum level of function and open the door to the highest quality of life possible.

Once the patient's physical limitations are identified, an individualized treatment program is developed and skilled treatment procedures are implemented. These clinical programs are designed to address the patient's mobility, performance of daily activities, communication skills, and swallowing dysfunction.

At Prairie Grove Health & Rehab, our comprehensive rehabilitation team provides individualized and goal-oriented treatment programs. Our focus is to help patients return home by offering treatment plans designed to integrate them back into the community and home environment.

Our state-of-the-art therapy gym and rehabilitation programs are driven by a well-qualified staff of physical, occupational, and speech therapists, all of whom are licensed and strive to provide a loving atmosphere. We strive to work as a team to provide comprehensive therapy services in a professional environment.

Physical Therapy
Licensed therapists and aides carry out physical therapy programs such as: range of motion, gait training, ambulation assistance, wound care, muscular re-education, and other areas of post trauma or post operative care.
Occupational Therapy
Licensed Occupational Therapists and aides specialize in helping patients “relearn” and perform basic daily living tasks such as dressing, eating, grooming and personal hygiene. The goal is to help each resident regain as much independence as possible.
Speech Therapy
Speech Therapists and aids work to improve swallowing and eating capabilities, cognitive skills, and memory programs. Speech Therapy may be able to help your loved one with declines due to brain injury, stroke, cancer, infection, or physical abnormality. Improving the ability to speak and communicate also improves your loved one’s overall quality of life.


Our therapy staff helps to ensure that each resident maintains their highest level in range of motion through regular screenings and measurements. Any problems that are observed are addressed with physician oversight.


Our therapy staff is trained to observe dining techniques of residents to ensure they maintain their highest level of independence with dining.


Therapy, nursing, and restorative nursing staff members routinely screen each resident to ensure that they maintain their ability to ambulate independently or with as little assistance as possible.


Our team of therapists quickly identify residents at risk of contractures through evaluation and screening. We work with physicians and the care team to ensure that proper use of splints and positioning is utilized to help slow down the contracture process.


Our staff of speech therapists are trained to deliver care in areas such as cognitive development, swallowing, and basic communication skills.

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